Counselling ...
its the right path to take

There comes a point in many of our lives when things feel too much. If you are reading this I suspect you’ve reached, or are feeling very close to this point. When we are feeling like this, for whatever reasons, it can be difficult to know who to turn to or perhaps to even believe anyone can help.

These difficulties don't have to be faced alone, nor should you remain unable to move forward with your life.

Counselling may feel like a daunting and confusing place to enter, with so many different types to choose from and so many different practitioners. Along with this, there is often the fear of, what will I say, where will I start, how can it help me or I’m not sure my problems are that bad.

To help lessen your anxiety (and financial impact) of choosing a counsellor I offer a free online or in-person consultation to allow you to decide whether I am someone you feel you would like to work with and to answer any questions you may have.

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