Why choose me to counsel your path…

Counselling is sensitive work, which deals with personal information, and therefore a high level of confidentiality and professional standards must be adhered to.

My five years of training as a psychotherapist counsellor have been endorsed and accredited by the BACP and as a registered member of this organisation, I work to their standards of Good Practice and their Code of Ethics and have successfully completed their Certificate of Proficiency.

About me…

I am a firm believer in the, almost invisible, power of counselling.  A lot depends on the relationship we will form. My initial role is to make you at ease, lessen your anxieties and allow you to feel safe and confident enough to open up and express your thoughts and worries with me.

In a non-judgemental way I will create a therapeutic space where together we can look at your difficulties and conflicts, from here we will gain an understanding on a deeper level and this will enable you to find a more authentic way of being. Together we will aim to find a better way for you.
Where I can help